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  • MANUFACTURING – The manufacturing industry is comprised of a variety of participants – everything from large, multinational corporations to local, family-owned businesses. Furthermore, these companies make everything from small specialty parts to household appliances and large construction equipment. As a result, the manufacturing industry is highly dependent on the health of other industries – especially construction and housing.

    In recent years, the manufacturing industry has been forced to contend with increased international competition and the lingering effects of the recession. International competition comes primarily from low-wage countries with little employment and environmental regulation. This enables competitors to manufacture products at significantly lower costs. In response, many domestic companies have off-shored production. The future trend, however, is expected to include substantial repatriation of manufacturing due to consumer frustration with the low quality of foreign products. On the domestic side, upgrades in infrastructure and a continued housing recovery are anticipated to lead to greater demand. Business Valuation Pinal County AZ

  • RETAIL – The retail market is made up of two primary segments: small, specialty retailers and larger, big box stores. The retail industry is highly fragmented as it comprises an array of products. As a result, the industry is driven primarily by macroeconomic trends.

    Over the past several years, warehouse clubs and online retailers have taken market shares by providing one-stop shopping and lower prices. This competition has forced out under-performers; however, it has not reduced the overall number of small shops. This is because there is significant freedom of entry and exit due to the low capital and other entry requirements for the industry.

    Going into the future, the biggest threat to brick and mortar stores will come from online retailers. In order to survive, smaller shops will have to get in the online game themselves, as well as improve their efficiency and value proposition. As a consequence, surviving retailers are expected to realize higher profit margins and have a bright future.

  • HEALTHCARE – The healthcare industry is comprised of many players; however, it is driven by primary care doctors and hospitals. The aging population has increased demand for healthcare services in recent years with no expectation of this trend easing.

    Chronic illnesses are disproportionately prevalent in older adults and rising significantly due to demographic shifts. Additionally, the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act now requires all individuals to obtain healthcare coverage. As a result of rising coverage, demand for primary care has grown substantially. But despite this growth, the number of primary care doctors has not expanded enough to keep pace with demand.

    The hospital segment is consolidating and organizations are seeking the most skilled and specialized healthcare professionals. Consequently, labor costs in this industry are high and hospitals are increasingly facing nurse and physician shortages. Home healthcare and remote diagnosis of routine minor illnesses are becoming more common.

    • MEDICAL Practice

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