Business Valuation Tucson AZOur services encompass Business Valuation (“business appraisals”) of Businesses, Business Ownership Interests, Trust Interests and Intangible Assets. Our clients’ valuation purposes include: 

  • Transactions. Business sale, merger/acquisition, divestiture, management buy-out, ESOPs.
  • Litigation/Disputes. Divorce, bankruptcy and minority ownership.
  • Planning/Compliance. Estate and gift tax, charitable contributions, S corporation conversions.

Performing a quality valuation engagement requires unique professional competence, involving a special combination of skill, expertise and experience. A valuation analyst must possess a thorough knowledge of  valuation principles and the application of financial analysis. Equally important is the valuatior’s tax and business acumen. Ultimately critical in every engagement is the use of professional judgment in developing the final opinion of value.

At Compass Valuations we are dedicated to service excellence….delivered timely, at reasonable fee rates. Our service philosophy is motivated by pride and uncompromised integrity…because we sincerely value our Client and Referral Partner relationships!

Business Valuation

Compass Valuations determines the proper course for navigating the issues and obstacles of conducting our Client’s valuation.

We research and evaluate the industry trends, market conditions and recent sales transactions for the type and size of our Client’s particular Operating Business or Holding Company.

We have access to multiple, subscription-based industry databases containing over 20,000 private company transactions, representing over 700 industry classification (SIC or NAICS) codes.  

Annual revenues for these privately held companies range from under $1 Million to over $14 Billion. We also subscribe to sources for market research and industry profile reports, as well as quarterly national economic data.

Of course, we also have access to public company transaction databases and their underlying financial data.

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Business Valuation Tucson AZAt Compass Valuations, we carefully assess the purpose of your particular valuation, and then prescribe the scope and data information requirements. We work closely with your legal, accounting, wealth planning and tax advisors to ensure the valuation outcome is alligned with the intended direction of our respective services.

We are broadly experienced in an array of often complex purposes for the engagement of our valuation services.

  • Gift & Estate Planning
  • Qualified IRS Appraisals
  • Business Sale
  • Buy-Out Agreements
  • Probate Matters
  • Marital Dissolution
  • Bankruptcy
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • ESOP’s
  • Business Purchase
  • Remainder Trusts
  • Patent Portfolios
  • Capital Raises

Our services are engaged on behalf of Individuals, Estates, Trusts and a wide range of business entities including Limited Liability Companies, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, various types of Limited Partnerships and even occasionally Non-Profits.


  • MEDICAL Practice
  • DENTAL Practice


The healthcare industry is comprised of many players; however, it is driven by primary care doctors and hospitals. The aging population has increased demand for healthcare services in recent years with no expectation of this trend easing.

Chronic illnesses are disproportionately prevalent in older adults and rising significantly due to demographic shifts. Additionally, the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act now requires all individuals to obtain healthcare coverage. As a result of rising coverage, demand for primary care has grown substantially. But despite this growth, the number of primary care doctors has not expanded enough to keep pace with demand.

The hospital segment is consolidating and organizations are seeking the most skilled and specialized healthcare professionals. Consequently, labor costs in this industry are high and hospitals are increasingly facing nurse and physician shortages. Home healthcare and remote diagnosis of routine minor illnesses are becoming more common.